Daily Picture Prompt-7

He looked back, no one there. He thought he could feel someone, of course that was just wishful thinking; he wanted it so much. But no one will come, or care, to save me. I made the decision, I’m never going back.

Earlier, after cleaning up after supper, he sat down to the table to finish his homework. Another stupid assignment. He couldn’t wait for this year to be over. School was just a waste of time, he’d never go to college. With his dad gone and mom working two shifts a day just to get by, he felt there was no future for him. No going to college, joining the other guys, drinking beer at the frat parties. None of that was in his future. He didn’t know if he even wanted that life. It didn’t matter anyway, not possible.

I’ll get a diploma if I’m lucky and start work at the factory, just like all the other losers. I hate my life, hate this house. I’m always alone here, hardly a home. A real home would have a dad, and a mom who cooked you dinner and laughed with you, watching funny tv shows.

It was getting colder, he looked around again. Stop thinking someone’s coming, they’re not. You made your choice, so keep moving. You only have the thirty dollars from mom’s bureau, you can’t afford to stop till the train comes.

He had heard of people jumping into train cars, but never tried it. Tonight was the night. If he didn’t make it, that would be okay too. He was sick of everything. All he wanted was to get away, away from everything he knew, and start over. He didn’t even care where or what it was, just something different. It couldn’t be worse than this.

He felt the vibration through his shoes. Then he heard the train whistle, getting ready to slow down for the stop ahead. He could do this.

Daily Picture Prompt 7


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  1. The story is good.

    Yet I for one hope he didn’t try. I used to work on the rail. I was both a Trainman and Locomotive Engineer, as I worked my way up. I liked the job yet the occasional stowaway was nightmare. Especially the ones that tried it while we were moving. Until you have actually done that. Boarding a moving car. You do not know the perils you face. If determined to do so? Then choose the leading end. That way, if you lose your grip or something? You will hit the side of the car and not fall between the two. The cars are so heavy, even when empty. That they smash flesh and grind bones. Few live to tell a tale. The kid would do better staying. Doing his own cleaning and cooking. He can do it. …. that’s not the prompt! Cheers Jamie

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