Modern Technology

(Language Alert)

I’m laying in bed, it’s too cold outside

I survey my room, and see *Ironside

You know, the chair,

Just waiting there.

It’s not such a bad thing

Very useful, frustrating

Metal and canvas

For an unfeeling ass.

The wheels rotate wildly

And putting it mildly

They always get stuck

Some way, so you’re –

The WiFi’s been going in and out

Irritating, you just want to shout

Manager says it’s not what WE think

You’ll have to contact Century Link.

I get out my ever trusty cell phone

That I have to have, cause I live alone

Call information for someone locally known

Got connected to a guy in Sierra Leone.

The shower here has a wand that is handy

Flip the switch on the faucet, just dandy

Except the water that’s supposed to flow

Stays in the faucet which is way too low.

This may sound old fashioned 

Cause my coffee’s been rationed

But I think it would certainly be great

If everything worked with no expiration date.

I know the video quality is bad, but the music kills me.  Look at those cars!  Love it!