How To Get Away With Christmas (Reblog)

I love this woman!  She has a very serious sense of humor😳🙄😂


1christmas89Christmas is a time of cheer…right?

Yet during the
holiday season
we’re bombarded
with images of
social wealth.

Everything from: Family dinners, parties, drinks with friends, hugging, skating in pairs, walking together looking at lights, Secret Santa and gift exchanges, spontaneous snowballs fights, eating roasted chestnuts, and of course, people running into the arms of loved ones at airports…

But what if those things aren’t in your life?
The social media holiday barrage, Christmas FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), anticipointment, Facebook, Instagram, TV, Google+, Twitter, MySpace (kidding, just wanted to see if you were paying attention) – all bursting with shiny images of happy people enjoying the holidays together. It can be overwhelming yet it’s only a day, like any other.


So if you find yourself less-than-surrounded by family and friends during the holidays,try to:

1. Marathon your way through the season, which apparently now begins in…

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9 thoughts on “How To Get Away With Christmas (Reblog)

  1. That’s David Campbell, I’m quite sure. He’s older now but had his album in 1970’s and played it t death. As for the remainder? I’m unclear of your points. Overall,[Hint] It’s difficult to reply to people who make the assumption that, if you don’t do the season. You’re missing out. It is difficult when it comes to children. I just give mine 2 gifts, for their birthday and tell ’em not to expect anything in December. A little cop out true yet, don’t want to hurt them in their peer group. Cheers Jamie


  2. It would seem that a blog entitled “How to get away from Christmas” would have more appeal? I too, stopped doing it. When? I don’t remember? Maybe ten years? It had been on decline for me, a long while prior. All the cheerful gung ho, merry ho ho, is just bile, to me. The silly hats and plastic lawn ornaments. The same old music … musaq? Pumped out in stores. The usual assortment of characters out side the doors. The sanctioned charities, freeloaders not allowed? Do I believe in, “do unto others as they would do unto you and love thy neighbour as thyself”? … Surely. Somehow the yuletide brings a disconnect, from that. A type of lip service to the notion but nothing for the ideal. Charity is not about money. …. Have you seen how much money is collected by them? Would you like to round that up to the dollar, the clerk is ordered to enquire. Cancer society alone rakes in billions. Maybe the cure is already there in place? If it is, a lot of people will be seeking other work? No matter how much is collected from the hard-working poor. The poverty never stops, the hunger, illnesses, never cease. Always a cause yet never a cure. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Well there’s cheerful, false cheer and English Cheers. Always Cheers. My comment is actually a comment about breaking free. Now that’s cheerful, for some? Since I don’t buy Mr. Claus, why would i expect any coal? I didn’t add, wake up and smell the coffee. Or any other homily. Yet, really people in general need to see the wool being pulled over their eyes. I’ll take any coal thrown my way. Want not, waste not …! Cheers Jamie. PS. Oh and the birth of Jesus? If he actually was real? See the story of Isis, Horus and the Egyptian gods, not the US terrorist group. PPS. Not disillusioned just tired of the hypocrisy.

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    2. Hello. I wasn’t done! I meant you point out what’s wrong with this season. This year I’m just not feeling it. Think I need to go back about sixty years when I would sneak out my bedroom window and slide off the porch roof into hugely drifted snow. Maybe I would wake up and smell the gingerbread.


  3. I dropped out of Christmas season expectations at the end of the last century, Cheryl. Released myself from all the must-dos, gotta-go-tos, and so forth. We have a relaxing day at home, in our pajamas, and enjoy one another’s company. 😉 xoM

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