Daily Prompt:  Sacred

This Prompt is a difficult one. If asked fifty years ago I would have no problem mentioning serious things in my life that I thought were sacred truths. Now at the age of seventy with lots of life and learning experiences behind me, I have to think about this word with more scrutiny.  

When I was an impressionable sixteen year old and loved the small Northern Baptist church I attended, I chose to be baptized. I loved teaching Sunday school classes. Behind the scenes activities I witnessed lessened my admiration and respect for certain church members, but I still attended regularly, loved the minister, and continued to teach, eventually marrying in the same church, at nineteen. My faith in God hadn’t changed but the sanctity of the church and actions of some members changed my thoughts on the value of attending church regularly. I was disillusioned and naive at that age.

Moving to TX and trying to attend a Southern Baptist church was another disappointment. “Hell and damnation” literally yelled from the high pulpit down on all the “sinful” attendees while our frightened children were quickly whisked away somewhere unknown, was more than I could take. I haven’t attended church regularly since. At that time of civil unrest and war, this religious experience only added to my reduced idealism.

Many years after, there were times in our family when we attended services and a friendly reverend came to our home to pray with us for a family member. These were heartfelt and special.  

When I think of sacred, I envision the old time chapels with candles, angels, and possibly, stained glass windows. I don’t envision huge gold constructs of wealth. That’s just me. I am an observer and when I see people attending a wealthy church, tithing and then going back to their poverty stricken lives, it doesn’t strike me as anything near to sacred.

I expect criticism for this post, so don’t be afraid to let me have it. I can take it. My goal in writing here on WP is to discover how others think and let you know how I think, if you’re interested. My opinions are my own.



24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Sacred

  1. Your story is my story also, that’s actually how my life was. Now in my Seventies’s I’m thinking the same as you. The reason I don’t get into this again is it always involves giving money, which I don’t mine if I can give, but I prefer to help my own family, not give it to the church.
    I still live with god in my heart only I don’t preach it to everyone.
    Have a nice week.

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  2. You cannot find God in a building or a book. You find God in your heart. Sacred? Hmmm, the world our planet and solar system should be sacred. The very universe itself.

    Did you know? That our solar system is not from the Milky way? It is from the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy. Sagdeg. That galaxy is in the long process of being torn apart by the Milky Way. I’m not sure how long we were captured by the MW? I’ve read the estimates. I’m just not so sure they are correct.?
    When people start to preach about hell and damnation. Then I know they’re not knowing. They may fervently believe they know? I just know, they don’t.

    For God is love and love is God. That’s all there is to that. The almighty supreme being has been around a lot longer than homo sapiens.

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  3. What do you mean by this – “when I see people attending a wealthy church, tithing and then going back to their poverty stricken lives, it doesn’t strike me as anything near to sacred”.
    It seems to be a contradiction of words ?
    Are you a Roman Catholic ?

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