Daily Post:  Sated

He was anxious, depressed, having waited

So long for her answer and contemplated

Did she decide it was him she hated?

Then his desires would never be sated.

Was that the phone he heard ring?

His heart leapt at the thought.

His pocket still held the thing.

That’s the way he was taught.

All the stories, the romance of books

To ask the big question, wait for her look

He read you should ask, then wait

If she said yes, you could set a date.

But the phone was silent and still

Should have shown her the ring

Before asking if she will

Some people do, it’s the current thing.

He started fretting, walking, then pacing

She can’t just ignore me

He thought, his heart racing.

Even if no, could it possibly be.

His attraction for her was mistaken

Maybe she wasn’t the love of his life

The question, the ring he had taken

All this in his mind, causing much strife.

His question for her was still pending

Call me, he begged, his torture not ending.

He’s in a quandary, could it be true?

And finally, at last, she answers ” I do”.


2 thoughts on “Daily Post:  Sated

  1. I love the pace of this poem especially when you had the line about the man pacing and then it began to pick up so that the nervous feel of the man was mimicked perfectly in the words themselves.

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