My daughter: E-mail: Are you not answering your phone? Sent from my iPhone


I had a late shower, fixed a latte and washed dishes all apparently loud enough to not hear my phone ringing. I sit on my phone in the wheelchair when I’m moving about so sound was muffled. I caused a big panic and on Wednesday we’ll get an extra key made for my apartment—just in case🙄

I’ve always had my phone on me since I lived in my old apartment, when I used a scooter instead of a wc most of the time. I fell off the scooter which was heavy and I couldn’t push it away from me in order to get to the phone which was on the bureau so I had to take it apart. After that I could push the smaller pieces aside and I did that old hip exercise we used to do back in the 70s where you scoot along the floor and I was laughing as I did it. I wasn’t hurt but I had to get the phone in order to call someone to come and help me get back up so since then, I’ve always had the phone on me .

All is well and I turned the ringtone up🙄😂🥴😎


5 thoughts on “Panic!

  1. Oh your poor daughter!!!! I can only imagine the thoughts that were going through her head!!! Glad to know all is well, though!!! Yes, turn the ringer up! Or get a little pocket made for it that you can attach to the arm of your wheelchair!

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