Frustrated observer
Untrained referees
Love watching my kids anyway
It is parent’s delightful dilemma.

Probably not a correct form, but first thoughts!🥴



14 thoughts on “W3

    1. My family members have all played soccer and as adults and teens have refereed soccer. It’s mind boggling how some parents act and then pass this in to their children playing. My granddaughter has played since three years old and watched her seven siblings play. She’s now a sophomore and the girls that age are rough! It is her favorite sport though.

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  1. Well …. I do like the poem, a lot. I have certainly been there and done that.

    But don’t you find that all these ‘poetry’ forms – all these rules, are sort of contrary to the very idea of poetry? That instead of a piece of art it becomes a sort of gymnastics display?
    And don’t get me started on haiku!!!!

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    1. Indeed. My brain used to work quite well there, for a while. I used to get paid for using my brain. But now I struggle to even count with any sort of reliable accuracy, so I avoid all the rules – perhaps due to my inability to follow them.

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    2. I’m doing okay, it’s trying to instantly recover a name, a book, movie, actor etc I can grasp it right away but it comes to me eventually


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