dVerse Poets

Hello dear poets! Michelle Beauchamp, here, aka Mish bringing you back to the pub for Poetics. Surrealism. It defies logic, rationality and what we perceive as natural.

  • Write a poem of any style, inspired by one of the images above or from Erik Johansson’s gallery. Post it to your blog.
  • Remember to credit the artist.
  • Click on Mr. Linky below to add your name and direct url to your poem. 
  • Add a link for dVerse on your page so others can find us as well.

It is hard to choose because I love all of these images!

visiting house of books
finally door hinges broke
options puzzled her
book stuffed walls might crumble too
never enough time to read

Image from: https://www.erikjo.com/work



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