For today’s challenge let’s write a poem about music in any form. You can mention music fleetingly or write a poem dedicated to music. BUT please include any two titles from the following list. These are all taken from Linda Perry’s albums. These days my husband and I are enjoying the music of Linda Perry.

  1. Edge Of Your Atmosphere
  2. Sunset Strip
  3. Life Despite God
  4. Sunny April Afternoon
  5. Bang The Drum
  6. Life in a Bottle
  7. Fruitloop Daydream
  8. Tiny Box Of Lies
  9. Knock Me Out
  10. I Am My Father’s Daughter
  11. Don’t Touch Me While I Am Sleeping
  12. Secret Lover


On the edge of your atmosphere I observe the tiny box of lies you are presenting to my rival. My orchestrated sonata of life despite god was everything I imagined, with you in it, but the gods now had other ideas. Along came the minor key requiem—your secret lover, and my fruit loop dream no longer had any bright colors. The sun faded into gray and I was alone once more, all harmonic notes destroyed.


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