SYW 4-24-23

1. What was the most memorable gift you gave someone? A locket to my granddaughter at sixteen that I had received at 16.

2. What was the most memorable gift you received? A replacement diamond on my engagement ring on my 40th birthday. I had lost in in the disposal.

3. For the girls:
Would you be suspicious if your partner gave you flowers or chocolates for no reason? No

3. For the guys:
Do you surprise your partner with something for no reason at all?

4. Have you accepted a gift with pleasure, even if you hated it? I never hated a gift but appliances never thrilled me😂

Gratitude: This week always, family, but especially for my daughter. I was feeling slightly depressed and she and I spent a day together and we laughed till I had a stomach ache. Such fun!❤️


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