A2Z 20

T for Typhon, largest, angriest, and most powerful mythical creature from Ancient Greece, also known as Typhoeus, is the child of Gaia and Tartarus. He is known as the father of all monsters. A gargantuan even the Greek gods feared—a giant beast with a serpent’s body that hissed as it moved and large wings that whipped up a ferocious storm wherever Typhon went. Hence the word typhoon, but could also use fire to destroy anything in his path.

Depending on descriptions, he had a human-like torso and, in some instances, up to a hundred fire-breathing dragon heads. Typhon was so mighty that Zeus needed 100 bolts of lightning to best the creature before locking it beneath Mount Etna. Typhon was the most fearsome and threatening creature the gods of Olympus ever faced off against.



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