MLMM Wordle 318

The omission in the contract form should have given me a clue. It’s always good to read the small print, but I had been a miner for over twenty years, and thought any declaration of possible threats was already experienced by me. So far my fate in any type of mine was in the high percent of good, and I was a practical man. I wouldn’t let my fear of the closed space and dangers dominate my perspective.
Then I saw people running, my coworkers of many years, leaving the mine in haste. I hadn’t heard any sounds of warning and decided to check out the area myself. My good thoughts were premature and I gasped as I saw a monstrous cloud of gas and smoke erupt from the mine opening. I caught up with my fellow workers and we all waited until the workplace was safe again. Then we all took the rest of the day off and went home thankful to be safe with our loved ones.


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