Fandango’s Story Starter

This week’s Story Starter teaser is:

I CROUCHED BEHIND THE CAR, TRYING NOT TO MAKE A SOUND… and of course my wife blurts out “Harry! Where are you?” I kept down low because I didn’t want the owner of a truck to see me. I lost control of my grocery cart and it sideswiped what looked like a brand new truck. The accident left an obvious nick in the otherwise flawless paint and sort of a sliding swipe till it came to a stop. “Harry! Where did you go? I don’t have the keys!” My unintentional reply was not well thought out: “shut up Mildred!” The worst thing I could have said, of course because she would reply loudly. I saw a big guy with a million muscles approach the truck. I kept hiding and he didn’t see the scratch. I almost crawled into my car and we left the parking lot in a hurry.

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