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I is for Ichchadhari, mythical shape shifting cobras in Indian folklore, and possess the gem called Naagmani, considered much more valuable than any precious stone, it has the power to revive. Legends tell of many people dying through snake bites when they try to steal the Naagmani. A common female cobra will become an ichchadhari naagin after 100 years of penance. After being blessed by Lord Shiva, they attain a human form of their own, have the ability to shape-shift into any living creatures and could live for more than a hundred years without getting old.

Naags and naagins will lose control and are forced to show their true form when they hear the sound of a been, a wind instrument used by a snake charmer.


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  1. Ichadhari is indeed mythical, and numerous Bollywood movies have depicted the same. Believers say that they are real, but no one has yet encountered one. The legend of Nagmani is also ages old. It is believed that only Aghoris (Sages who are above the natural desires of the world) can only touch it. There are many myths related to Nags and Naagins, common ones being —
    1. They sway to the music of a been. In reality, they sway to the movements on the Earth’s surface, the sound waves produce, and the actions of a snake charmer.
    2. There is a custom of offering milk to nags and naagins on Nag-Panchami. In reality, snakes don’t drink milk.
    3. People have not died from snake bites while touching a nagmani — this is another myth. In fact, nagmani is also not real. No one has ever seen it, except in the movies, and even then, it is shown to be a powerful stone that can destroy a person by merely touching it.

    Great going on, mythical creatures. I am waiting to read about creatures with X, Y, and Z.

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