Now that I’ve got you thinking about “lions and tigers and bears, oh my,” I would like to choose one (or more) of the following options to write your poem:
1) Choose any animal and consider its nature and write a poem about the animal;
2) Choose a particular attribute of an animal and write a poem that is about the animal but also an attribute that humans exhibit, similar to some of the above poems;
3) Create your own myth or fable involving animals. There are no form, rhyme, or subject constraints in this prompt challenge. All I ask is that you have fun with it!
Let me introduce you to Miss Sydney, aka Squid, or Syd. She is 112 years old this week, in dog years, and is the sole/soul companion of my eldest granddaughter who is medical residency in Pennsylvania. Syd came to our family via Animal House in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is a sweet old lady and her face and legs are continually turning whiter. She is a Sheba Schipperke mix, great personality. Her only fault is she will consume any food left within reach. But hey, being 112, who can blame her?😊❤️


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