Deja Vu

There seems to be an over zealous reblogger who is filling the Reader with blog posts not written by themselves. I would prefer seeing the vivid posts by persons I choose to follow instead. I don’t want to upset or cause defeat to anyone, but where are the regular bloggers most of us follow? If you choose to visit this (blogger)’s site there is nothing there.


7 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. I suppose reblogging is better than taking the post and pretending it’s yours (theirs), but I don’t get why just reblog? I reblog very occasionally, preferring to add my own waffle! 🤣

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  2. A slightly different point of view:

    I don’t believe in reinventing wheels. I don’t reblog often, but if I find something worthy, I do. That happens maybe once per month or so. There are some blogs, like Dr. Leslie Kernisan’s “Better Health While Aging”, that I feel require reading and require the authority of the original author.

    I’m also pleased when someone reblogs what I write, because it means more people are seeing content that may help them.

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