MLMM – Wind

This week for Sunday Confessionals I would like you to create and write about moments of nature : those moments where you noticed the sky, heard the specific rustle of the leaves and similar.

I hear you out there, threatening my window panes, curling around each corner, sneaking under door jambs, seeking a cleft or crevice to enter. A wood stove crackles its defiance—“I will keep them warm, enter at your peril!” The wind just laughs as it thunders once more, stronger, against the glass, and frosts it with designs.

You don’t fool me I say, beauty will not beguile me to look closely. I will lock the shutters tightly and hide your art, roll up thick carpets against the edges of doorways, and put more logs on the fire. Whip and pound and roar your cold, mighty air, but you will not freeze me.


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