Word of the Day- Foaming

Let me ask you a question.

Do you like being put on hold when on phone, or waiting in general? I’m an impatient person so my answer is “no”.

And what do I do to not be foaming at the mouth in frustration? I doodle, it relaxes my noodle.

The only drawback is the mess a ballpoint pen makes on the paper. I could show you some of my elaborate creations but they end up in the trash bin. But if you do doodle, please share in a comment here or make your own post. Enquiring minds want to know😃

Personal side note: In first grade his teacher said my middle son was a pita—only because he doodled in margins of his paperwork. His answer to why he did it was because he was bored. I asked the teacher if he could bring a book to read while being “bored”. She said no. When my middle son was in third grade he was tested as genius/gifted.

Doodle: verb: scribble absentmindedly noun: a rough drawing made absentmindedly.