Close Encounter

Thought it could be finer,

the diner

slightly burnished 

leather booth furnished.

He grabbed a chair,

sitting there.

Until the waitress 

until… Beatrice.

She moved with grace

curly hair framed her face,

oddly mesmerized  

in big brown eyes,

beautiful girl

pink bow in the curls.

She surveyed his tenue

offered a menu, 

he could not think,

ordered a drink 

barely noticing the fare 

on printed paper there. 

Fumbled for some water

she, very close by, offered

My name is Beatrice 

I’ll be your waitress. 

What can I do for you?

glancing up at her

spoke with a stutter

 I, I, I, 

Beatrice smiled. 

He was beguiled. 

We have some specials, 

fresh caught mussels. 

Thought her eyes were dancing

thought about advancing 

He heard her then.

being close to her.

Like a light

his very sight 

his mind a blur 

looking at her.

Ordered a dish

but the real wish

was the waitress,




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