Rory’s Morning Dawdler

1. Everything except small keyboards for old fingers. I’m not an author and don’t feel the pressure they do. I have fun.
2. I already have a backpack with essentials I take whenever I leave the house. I would add fresh water, peanut butter and crackers🤪.
3. Yes. While someone else was driving and it was scary. Most everyone here carries guns in their cars. A year ago a bullet grazed my daughter’s head—no injury result and they were just driving through a neighborhood here in Cheyenne, kids in the back seat😡
4. Years ago I embarrassed everyone by asking a waitress “when are we going to get some water” after we had been seated and ignored for twenty minutes—a long time with little kids. In my defense I was heavily medicated at the time🙄True story.


2 thoughts on “Rory’s Morning Dawdler

  1. I agree with Sadje, after twenty minutes waiting you should have been attended to with water at the very least.

    Dang grazing bullets is no joke!

    And well done for having a backpack prepared anyway with the few basics added 🙂

    Good answers.

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