Share Your World 6th February

1. I do not remember vacations but we would go camping sometimes. After graduating from high school, my dad, mom and aunt and I traveled by pickup camper—just as crowded as you imagine, to the west from VT to see where my dad and his sister grew up.

2. I loved camping when kids were smaller. We had some fun times! We also traveled the US as a young family because grandparents were 2000 miles apart.

3. As I’ve said before, our trip to Hawaii for two weeks was the ultimate vacation. No cel phones back then, no tablets and no tv. Our kids were 11, 9, 8.

4. No. However, I did go to some conventions with my husband for his work and enjoyed them immensely; favorites were LA and San Francisco.

As usual I am grateful for my loving helpful family❤️


5 thoughts on “Share Your World 6th February

  1. Thanks for sharing your world Cheryl. We used to camp as kids and Dad had an old ambulance, but it wasn’t fitted out as a camper van. Us kids slept in that but Mum and Dad had a pup tent. We had some great holidays.
    Hubby likes camping so we did a lot of it, more because we couldn’t afford anything else and we had a dog. Happy memories there too. Couldn’t do it now though, our mobility is such that we could probably get in the tent to sleep, but getting out again could be problematic!

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