Rory’s Questions

1. I am currently listening to “Brothersong” by TJ Klune (for the second time). The author is going to be in Manchester VT but of course I’m two thousand miles away. I have read most of his books❤️. I don’t watch much on television but started again last night with “Inspector Lewis” on PBS.
2. I’m pretty much a plain food person but used to like peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. My sister and I used to make them for each other and put in a blob of horseradish as a surprise. We’d pack them up and tromp off to the woods. We had to finish the entire sandwich😂.
3. This new apartment complex for over fifty residences no longer holds surprises. After a year living here, the residents sometimes act like teenagers, a lot of cliques, gossip, fighting, singing in hall, police visits, and ambulances no longer stir me to see what’s going on.
4. To each his own I guess😂


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