Why isn’t it here yet? It should be here already! The frustrated young woman paced back-and-forth in her living room worried that it might’ve gone to the wrong address. What if someone else received the package she sent specifically to her mother?

Mother, a widow for five years and Carol knew that she was lonely and needed a companion. Her mom didn’t like dating sites. She thought they were too crude. Carol decided to take the matter into her own hands. She started perusing the personals in the back of the local newspaper and came upon a very interesting advertisement.

“Single man, looking for love and companionship, a romantic at heart, and would like to meet a woman of similar taste around middle age as I am, please call 555-0000.”

Carol decided to arrange a meet with this man and check him out secretly without her mother’s knowledge. She didn’t think how she could arrange the meeting with him and her mother and decided to surprise her mom instead. That’s when MailChimp got involved.

Apparently you can ship almost anything with mail chimp. She had already checked with the post office, UPS and the other delivery services. She called Mail Chimp and said that she had a large heavy perishable box that had to be delivered immediately.

The tricky part was meeting the man and devising a way to knock him out to get him into her car and into the box. He was a nice looking man and thankfully, a small guy. The sedative worked. She lifted him clumsily, walked him out to her car, labeled the box and done.

Carol’s mother was surprised but after the man fully awoke he and Carol’s mom had a hesitant laugh. Their relationship continues today. Carol was scolded, but thought “success!”