Simply Six Minutes

Today’s prompt is: This video shows you the optical illusion

the ambassadors optical illusion
 “The Ambassadors,” this painting was finished in 1533 by German artist Hans Holbein the Younger.

When you look at the painting head-on, you’ll see what appears to be a large, deformed object at the bottom. But when viewed from a particular angle, the blob turns into a human skull before your eyes.


“Are we all set for you?” Thomas (on the left) spoke to the artist who was going to paint a portrait of the brothers.

“Yes, fine, just try to hold your positions while I sketch the beginning of placement. Are you sure you want that item placed in front of you? No one will know what it is.”

“Certainly! It’s proof that our our new business, traveling through time, requiring a time travel permit and we are the exclusive vendors.”

“Time travel? So this painting will be your commercial, so to speak?”

“Definitely. What you see is a skateboard, a definitive item of twentieth century culture. It is very popular with young people and that is our target market.”



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