Fandango’s Story Starter

This week’s Story Starter teaser is:
THE SUN WAS SETTING OVER THE LAKE, PAINTING THE SKY IN A MIX OF ORANGE AND GOLD, AND THE AIR WAS FILLED WITH THE SOUND OF CRICKETS SINGING, WHEN SUDDENLY…Joe startled. He heard hoofbeats, loud on the sand and getting closer every second. He rubbed his eyes because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing! Then a voice with a strange accent yelled at him, “Master Yoseph! They are coming! Mount up!” Joe was incredulous at the sight of a black clothed warrior riding up close and speaking to him. Suddenly a horse appeared and as he looked down, his entire wardrobe had changed. This is cool, he thought and just as he pulled himself up on the saddle, his wife nudged him. “What’s going on? I think you fell asleep. By the way are you finished with that book, because I want to read it too.”


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