The Monday Peeve – Medicine Covers

Ever try to open up those capsules or pills that are encased in plastic with a foil bottom? The ones that the outer packaging claims “easy open”? I always need scissors! Seems funny now that I’m thinking back on it, but a disaster at the time. I had the unfortunate need for two of those tiny little tablets last night.

Funny only because I had just put biscuits in the oven for my meal of the day to accompany chicken veggie soup made the day before. Long story longer, I had just left the kitchen, set the timer for the biscuits and got a strange feeling…you know the one🙄😳😧. I rolled back to the kitchen, tried to grab the biscuits out of the oven, not realizing how hot a pan can get in less than a minute, opened the wrong drawer for a hot pad and then threw the pan on the stove top. Of course I was too late as I rolled to the bathroom.🤯. I may have a stomach bug requiring those tiny pills again🫢😓


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