Question Time from Rory

What actions do you take if you can’t sleep naturally? I listen to audiobooks

Can you easily recognise if you are suffering from stress, and if so, what do you do to reduce it? Are you able to see signs of stress in your friends or your family more than you? Yes and yes

The West holds firm concerning the war in Ukraine. However, how do you feel about it all now? Do you believe we are providing too much or too little support? I think too little. Russia has always been our enemy and now they are “in bed” with Iran

How much black-and-white honesty from your best friends do you believe your friendship with them warrants? Should friends be brutally honest with you or provide support without question? Complete and yes

Inspired by Should Friends Offer Honesty or Unconditional Support?

Do you think you have an addictive personality? Definitely

Why are so many of today’s online/television advertisements so cringey? Are you ever influenced by the comedy or corniness of them? I don’t watch tv with commercials

Do you ever need help responding to some comments left by readers on your blog posts, as in not knowing how or what to respond with? Why is this, and what usually throws you off? No. I’ve had some odd responses but every individual sees my posts differently

What five vegetables do you use the most each week or month? Onions, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, different types of beans

What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done? Probably going through the Eisenhower tunnel holding hands through a window to another car beside us

Have your blog reading habits changed since you first started to blog?
Have you ever felt frustrated from reading blog posts because they are perhaps not piquing your interest?
What have you done to prevent the boredom from biting deep if this is the case? I read and enjoy most bloggers I choose to follow

Inspired by bloggers

Do you find it easy to make difficult decisions, and do you have a process of elimination for making those tough decisions? Sometimes you have no choice

What’s the longest you have gone without a shower? Three days in hospital

Between the choice of a deep fried insect sandwich or a raw earthworm hamburger with no option of declining either, which would you choose? Neither

Inspired by a conversation at the Nature Reserve

How would your family and friends react if you started to talk to another person one day that no one else could see but you? Do you speak to yourself regularly? I doubt my family would be surprised at anything I do – (history)🙄

Inspired by the film – Just Like Heaven

How far can you be pushed before annoyance becomes full-blown anger and what is your anger style? Not very far😂


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    1. Back then it was two lanes going east and two lanes going west. And there were miles per hour signs all along the tunnel telling you what your speed was and you had to maintain a certain speed. Of course it was reckless and not a good example for my three teenage children, but it was fun.😂

      Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels
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