Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Thanksgiving? 11-22-17

Came home last night from watching “Justice League” to find my countertop had grown several loaves of bread. Later on I received a text to thank me for making stuffing. My son in law said, “make sure to spread it out well so it dries overnight”…..uh huh….it was ten o’clock and my eyes were tired from something I was allergic to. Cutting up or tearing that much bread?

“You wish” I wrote back, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then my daughter chimes in, “make sure you do it early.”

What is it with young people these days? It’s not like I have been making Thanksgiving dinner for over fifty years or anything! And I excel at stuffing, using sage as my favorite ingredient. My husband’s grandmother, I still miss today, used oysters in her stuffing 🤢 and creamed every vegetable known to man, but I loved her anyway.

It’s 11:21 AM and I haven’t started chopping bread yet….the rebel lives …

My husband and his grandmother ❤️



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