“I don’t want to go, it’s our anniversary!”
“We go every year, it’s a thing!”
“I know, and every year we get sent to the horrid bed in the basement to sleep and I have to spend all night clinging to the side not to fall into the hole in the middle of the mattress. It’s a fate worse than death!”
“It’s not that bad, I sleep well…”.
“Of course you do, you get horizontal and you’re instantly snoring. This is our 15th anniversary, can’t we skip old home week even once?”
“I’ve already said we’re coming, as usual.”
It was hopeless every year because their wedding anniversary coincided with a hometown celebration. That wasn’t the worst part, the mother in-law was standoffish, kept strict rules, like what could be cooked in which saucepan etc.; it was a nightmare every visit. She couldn’t even set the table right according to her mil. And so it was.



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