Fandango’s Story Starter

You Reap What You Stole

This week’s Story Starter teaser is: KAREN WENT BALLISTIC WHEN SHE FOUND OUT THAT HER HUSBAND, KENNETH, HAD GAMBLED AWAY THEIR ENTIRE LIFE’S SAVINGS. Karen was flabbergasted. She knew he had taken a business trip to Las Vegas, but didn’t know he was a secretive gambling addict. He had played a weekly game of poker with the “boys” but all the neighborhood husbands did.

Karen grabbed the car keys and drove to the bank, where she found a mere $23.00 in their account. The savings account was showing zero. She promptly fainted right there in front of the teller’s window. A lawyer rushed over because he was also one of the neighborhood husbands and knew her personally. As Karen regained consciousness, she uttered to him, “I want a divorce and I want it now!”



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