dVerse Poets – On the Flyleaf

Rules: You can write in any style or metre but for those who like an extra challenge:

  • write the poem in 2 voices
  • alternating stanzas between the giver and receiver
  • first and/or third person
  • can be any time interval between the giving and receiving of the gift

The Physiology of Taste – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Alex- A few moments of reading pleasure in return for an evening of sensual delights. Denis October Bacchanalia 1994

“Denis, thank you for this intriguing gift and for opening up my world to new ventures.”

“My pleasure, Alex, my extreme pleasure.”

“Dear Denis, I sincerely hope we shall meet again, perhaps at the week’s end? There is a food festival in a quaint town near my home.”

“Alex, I would be happy to accompany you to the festival…and your home. I can only dream of what new tastes you will offer.”