It’s a Blitz!

Write a “blitz” poem that includes something about a mouse or mice. This form of poetry is a stream of short phrases and images with repetition and rapid flow

House Mice

mice hide

mice are clever

clever in homes 

clever scavenging

scavenging crumbs 

scavenging bits 

bits of bread 

bits of food 

food spilled 

food dropped 

dropped and spied 

dropped unaware

unaware they’re feeding mice

unaware of dropped enjoyment

enjoyment of a tiny mouse 

enjoyment brought in tiny house

house in a wall

house hidden from cats

cats smell and sniff

cats only sneaking

sneaking is the mouse forte 

sneaking silently every day 

day turns to night

day isn’t his best

best to be hidden in the dark 

best without candle scent

scent of savory 

scent of sweet 

sweet treat favorites

sweet crumbs he savors 

savors flavors

savors sugar 

sugar plums entice

sugar powdered delight

delight in all 

delights inside cubby

cubby holes 

cubby comfort

comfort and safety

comfort and rest

rest is not his job 

rest doesn’t fill cheeks

cheeks furry 

cheeks empty

empty shelves 

empty floors 

floors clean




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