Throwback Thursday

This week’s prompt is: Then and Now

  1. Were you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Shy introvert until about thirty.
  2. Did you have a boisterous or a more reserved personality?Mostly reserved
  3. Were you more confident or did you tend to be insecure? Definitely insecure
  4. Were you social or were you more of a loner? Loner because we lived out of town
  5. Were you a good listener or a good talker? Both
  6. Did you like school or dread it? Loved school
  7. Did you like the outdoors or did you prefer staying inside? Outdoors always
  8. Did you have deep thoughts about the world, the universe, etc., or did you only see as far as where you lived? I doubt I had deep thoughts until I started leaning about the world such as the Vietnam war, civil rights, Berlin Wall etc
  9. What did you want to be when you grew up? A dancer
  10. Looking back, how did you fare as an adult? Are you still that same person or have you changed? If you changed, was it a dramatic shift or just slight changes? Did you end up in the profession you thought you would? Certainly not. I married too young and that was my life from then until about ten years ago.


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