Good Morning Charlie


Looking at the clock after turning off the unceasing alarm, only to realize it’s barely dawn! Nevertheless I had to get out of bed, trudge to the bathroom and not willing to look in the mirror yet, splashed water on my face and held the towel up. Then I tossed it onto the counter and took the plunge—an early start because of the dreaded office get together at Starbucks.

It was about this time I heard the creaking of the stairs and saw a troubled arch of brows in my reflection. Could it be my Newfoundland, Charlie, my huge companion, or something else? I suddenly felt a wet nose on my leg and a sigh of relief. Charlie usually wakes me, but this morning I rose too early even for him.



3 thoughts on “Good Morning Charlie

  1. I’m so glad it was Charlie! Is he your actual pet? I would have to have creaking stairs. I don’t have stairs at all, but still, creaks of any kind are not welcome!

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