Throwback Thursday

Hello Goodbye

1. Did you live close by or far away from close family or grandparents?My grandparents lived with us.

2. How often did you see or visit extended family?We saw them often. Two of my sisters and families lived very close.

3. Was the coming together cheerful and celebrated in some way?
4. Which relative did you enjoy seeing the most? Why? My favorite relative was my Aunt Emma who visited us every summer. She was fun and had great stories and we played games.

5. Were there relatives you dreaded visiting? If so, why? Of course, everyone has those relatives in the family😄

6. If you were the visitor, was the trip short and easy or was it a journey?
7. Were your visits short or extended? If extended visits, where did you sleep? Bed, sofa bed, couch, floor? I don’t remember spending time overnight.

8. When it came time to leave, was it difficult to say goodbye?The hardest time I had saying goodbye was to my folks after having my own family, living far away and saying goodbye after visiting them.

9. How often do you visit extended family now?
10. If you could see a relative who is no longer alive, who would it be? Why?



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