One Liner Wednesday/What day is it anyway?

One thing—it’s not the 10th. Last night I showed up in the lobby for a mandatory meeting on the 10th at 6 PM. I found the kaffeeklatsch playing cards there and what the real date was. I have been a day behind all week. At least nothing important was discussed, not many people showed up and the main subject was people not picking up their dog poop. Of course people that would show up to a mandatory meeting are probably the ones that are already doing that. JMO.

I have missed quite a few prompts already and I’ll try to catch up today. I opened my email today and found out I had 221 pieces of spam. The problem is I have to go through and sort that out because for some reason Yahoo is putting all of my regular mail into spam. I have tried using the different filters but I can’t figure them out.

I hope to do some catch up today. I have been out at various doctor appointments and of course my granddaughter is getting married this Sunday so everything is extremely busy at the moment. Homecoming was a hit last Saturday night and 16 year old granddaughter looked absolutely gorgeous.

Have a good week, it’s not Friday yet is it?😂


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