Throwback Thursday

Breakfast was cereal which my sister insisted on eating under the kitchen table like a dog😂. Lunch was in a bag from home and not memorable, we were in a one room schoolhouse with no amenities except a bathroom.

Dinner was always great as we lived on a dairy farm with a huge garden, apple orchard, berries and grapes etc, and all the trimmings which meant meat, potatoes, veggies and dessert. My mom did all the cooking and cleaning up.

We used manners, always sat down at the table, and the table was set correctly every meal. I think now probably, cleaning up by herself was a respite for her as we were outside most of that time. We didn’t have homework as kids today do, but we had chores around the farm.

We had huge family meals on the holidays with my three sisters and their families. I usually ended up taking all the kids outside to play.

A few meals I have made for my own family and passed down to grandkids, but they sure do not taste as good as mom made them😀



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  1. Where did you grow up? My mom taught in a one room school house with grades 1-6 all in the same room. I am sure your grandkids think your cooking is as good as you thought your mom’s was.

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