There was a clear thread of pathway after the bridge. It was close enough to the start of “old ghost road” that even my bravado started to break into a sweat. Holding up his wrist to stop, Joe started to tell the mysterious legend. He knew of it because his father was a doctor also.

All I saw was a dilapidated shed, but there was a slight aura around it. I’d never seen an aura before and when acknowledging it, the howling began. Stepping closer together, waiting for whatever was next, Joe moved forward into the shed.

In the trees on the sides of the road that led to this site, glowing pairs of eyes watched, not in a menacing way, but as observers. Joe entered the shack and the howling stopped.

I waited anxiously outside the building and then Joe appeared holding something. It was a baby. A baby with a human mother that was protected by a family of wolves, the miracle. Joe helped save the child and the legend lives on.




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