SoCS 10-8-22


Back of the fridge is a place I can’t see and moving it is out of the question. In fact the idea of what dust may be on top of the fridge is also a mystery. Now inside is a different story as this new apt has a bright, lighted interior so things are not hidden. It is disappointing that the freezer part has no light and it’s so high I actually have to throw a loaf of bread etc into it if I buy more than one. There’s no handle or reliable thing to hang on to momentarily while searching that space and of course the freezer door is tempting to hold but as Sophia of Golden Girls said, “picture it”🙄🫣


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    1. Recently I had to take a week of steroids and was so sick everything I had just purchased the day before went into the freezer…I have no idea what’s what 🙄😂🤓

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    1. Maybe we should start a campaign for one standard place and form to put the link. I always list it immediatey after the post and imbed it under the prompt words so it is highlighted in blue and underlined, but perhaps some people don’t see it there, either. It would make things so much easier as I often see blogs that have answered a prompt I’d love to do myself.

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    2. As a matter of fact I have started trying to save Media space by not putting the prompt’s entire initial post before my post for it. This is the second time that someone thought that was my prompt. So I have to change the way I’m doing things. Especially if I use a picture with the poem or story it makes for a large post.Btw, I like the way that you group the prompters URLs because sometimes I don’t receive those prompts and I can click on your list and do the ones I want to so thanks! I don’t know if they show up but if I use a word or picture whatever in my post I always put the prompts URL at the bottom of my post.


    3. The problem is probably partially mine as I have locational dyslexia and have a terrible time seeing things that might be right in front of me, so it needs to be made obvious. Really complicated websites are torture for me, as are strange color combinations. dVerse poets recently used gold lettering on a gray background which is practically invisible for me.

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    4. Me, too. With the new editor they have so many fancy choices that I feel it gets in the way of the material. I still use the classic editor. Fuddy-duddy, but I want to see the words and the images, not the fancy editing styles.

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