SYW Questions 10-4-22

Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song? Or a song you rarely hear except around a holiday. “The Monster Mash”😵‍💫

Do you ever see figures in your peripheral vision? Yes.🫣

Which urban legend scares you the most? (most countries have such stories – share yours if you would like to) I think some “legendsmay be true😳

You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do? This actually happened to me at my other apartment building. A young man came into my apartment, all dark and started talking to his (friend) saying man, you’ve really changed things in here, etc and then suddenly realized he was in the wrong apartment. I was not scared and he was so embarrassed that he left quickly apologizing. I had stayed in my bedroom and laughed when he left. I had the maintenance men check my lock the next morning.

GRATITUDE SECTION: I am grateful for my health, cooler weather—I love cuddling up in clothing—and always my family. My middle son is 53 today, living in France and I miss him so much. He was always so fun to be around, started working at 15 and steady on till three years ago when he and his wife wanted to get off the treadmill and be farmers in France. I’m very proud of them❤️


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  1. That question so stumped me that I had to look it up, but, even then, there was not one song I would choose. I am coming to a realization to-day, I don’t particularly care for Halloween songs. In the old days, during Halloween we’d play my Night of the Living Dead soundtrack to create a mood, but those are not so much Halloween songs as they are just old library movie cues. Even as a kid my feeling was, if ghosts really exist, then there is the possibility of life after death, and therefore, why should I fear a ghost? As a kid, I definitely overthought things.

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    1. Halloween was fun when my kids were small, making costumes, having bowls of candy at the door for their friends, etc but now it’s not. When people started putting razor blades in candy for children it lost all of the fun and no one let their kids go out any longer, including mine. We would accompany them as the dreaded parents and only to friends houses we knew. In my own days of trick or treating in the country, we were wild and no close neighbors so we would sled on the roads- unbeknownst to our mom, and put soap on windows of no candy houses or tie their hanging laundry in knots…we were terrible😎

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    2. I remember my friends and set off a cherry bomb or something on somebody’s drive-way, and then we all felt so bad about it we went back and apologized. We were terrible, too, only we were terrible at being terrible.

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