3TC – Information Age(ing)

“You always let your emotions get the better of you”. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that—wait, you better make that a dollar…you know, inflation?

If I’m feeling sorrow or anger, you’re going to know it. My feelings go straight to my face and even if they don’t, they’ll be coming out of my mouth.

The only thing sad about it is some of my curiosity’s waning. I always thought curiosity was a good thing. You can learn a lot if you’re curious. But now all you have to do is open your phone, turn on your TV, or open your computer and you are completely inundated. And not in a good way.

Spam and junk emails, texts, advertisements and horrible political ads invade us every minute of the day. And no one seems to know how to get rid of it or stop it.

So I think I’ll keep my curiosity because I like to learn “stuff”. I like to read about “stuff”. I like to research “stuff” and if you’re not curious, you don’t do that. You take all of that crap that they’re putting out as facts, which it is not.


This week’s theme is EMOTIONS
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