Halloween Tale

Before she could stop herself, she opened the casket. Inside a black corpse, probably at least two hundred years old. She looked at the only bright thing inside, a huge ruby necklace pendant, just spread across mold covered bones. She hesitated and then grabbed it quickly, the action sending a shiver up her spine. She shook off the sudden tremor and shut the coffin lid.

It was disgusting, reprehensible, but if the legend was true, this gem would rejuvenate her lover. Second thoughts as to why it was actually on a dead corpse seemed to drift away as she stuffed it in the pocket of her jacket. “I told him I would try anything to save him and if this works, we can both be happy again”. This was her excuse for such a disrespectful act.

Returning to their home, she cleaned the ruby to it’s original luster, replaced the chain with a leather string, and placed it around his neck, then sat by the bed.

Later that evening, her lover actually sat up in bed and asked for water. She was elated and rushed to the kitchen. She didn’t seem to notice him coming up behind her. She felt the sharp sting and then they both were rejuvenated for eternity.






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