Fandango’s Flash Fiction


Huck ran ahead, seemingly disturbed as he would stop and listen, stop and listen. Sue wasn’t worried because he was with her; she had her backpack and phone and he would help her if needed.

Sue had been delayed about a mile back because of a huge car accident that covered the road. She and Huck tried to hurry by, not wanting to see anything.

Now she listened, too, also hearing a noise on her right side, what Hulk must be listening to. Suddenly a man stepped out, covered with blood and limping badly. “Can you help me?” He asked her but then took a long glance at the dog. Hulk started to growl. Sue decided not to help and told Hulk to run and she pedaled away fast. The man did not follow.

The next day the newspaper reported that “a man caused a fatal accident and ran away. The police have not found him yet.”

It was a sleepless night as Sue locked everything up and settled in with Hulk.


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