Reena’s Xploration Challenge #249


Legacy…to me this means something of value you give to your relatives or friends when you pass away. I really don’t have much to offer my family in this respect. This year when my granddaughter turned 16, I gave her my gold circle locket necklace that has my initials and birthdate on it which I received at a 16th birthday, 60 years ago. If that’s considered a legacy then so be it.

We have moved so much and I have two storage units but there’s rarely anything in there that I would consider to have enough value to give or leave to anyone.

When my mom died, I wanted something but really received nothing except a pair of earrings and it saddens me to see pics of my three sister’s homes with items I might wish to have had. But I lived two thousand miles away and that was the excuse.

When my father died there were items that I would’ve like to have given my grandkids but his new wife sold or gave away to strangers all of his things. Even a family bible to a stranger.

I’ve already told my family that if there’s anything they ever want just take it now because I don’t need it and if they can use it, have at it. My daughter and I were looking at jewelry yesterday for a steampunk party outfit and I looked at my plain white gold wedding band and asked her, “well I wonder if they’ll cremate me with this ring on or would you like to have it?” She looked at me and incredulously and said, “of course I’d want it”. And then we had a laugh because everybody in the family thinks I’m immortal because I’ve already died twice from meds reactions. So I guess problem solved.

Just like everything else in life if you want to survive you have to have a sense of humor.


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  1. A favoured son believes that he has inherited contents of a house along with the real estate, though it is not explicitly mentioned in the will. They’ve taken away things that did not belong to them or their parents, like jewelry and do not see it as theft.

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  2. I’m sorry Cheryl that you didn’t receive your due from what your parents left behind. As for giving your kids/ grandkids something to remember you by, I think you’re giving them beautiful memories of you.

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  3. I totally feel you about the sadness and sometimes anger when you would’ve liked to have something but someone else took it as an inheritance. I remember my maternal grandma had promised me and my sister each one of her two golden bracelets, but once she was gone, it turned out she’d made that same promise to practically all of her granddaughters. We eventually ended up with one of the bracelets, which my sister keeps as I didn’t really care much about it at the time anyway (I was in a very fragile state mentally).

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