Throwback Thursday – Favorite Things


I’m a little late with this prompt but I’ve been happily busy and that’s a plus. I could probably say my favorite relative when I was a child was my great aunt Emma. She used to come up to Vermont to visit us in the summer from her home in the city.  I think I was sort of her babysitter or maybe it was vice versa but we played endless games of canasta.

My favorite TV show was American bandstand but it came on at the exact same time as my grandma’s soap opera so I rarely was able to watch it.

My favorite book was “Black Beauty”.

One of my favorite songs was “Alice Blue Gown” which my dad would play to and sing.

I went to a tiny one room school house from 1 to 6 grades and I adored my teacher. She was from New York City and her name was Mrs. Tessier. She had a large German Shepherd that she would bring to class and he would sit in a desk like a person.

I had two best friends who were sisters and we still keep in touch today.

My favorite activity was to play outside in the fields, in the woods, in the stream, or swing on my old swing on the oak tree.

Favorite holiday was Christmas because my three sisters and all of their kids would come to visit and we had a huge table with a huge meal and games and playing out in the snow. I was in charge of my nephews and nieces, took them outside to sled and what we called skiing😂

We didn’t vacation per se. It was a vacation just living where we lived. As far as toys I don’t really remember any, I was not a doll person. My favorite thing was the swing.



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