Reena’s Exploration Challenge

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Julie sat back sipping her morning coffee, and stopped short. It was her misplaced sense of the occult that drew her to the newspaper headline, “Local Psychic Brutally Murdered”. The story went on to report that well known Madam Sophia had been struck down by a long, curved blade which had been left at the scene of the crime. Detectives surveying the scene also said the hysterical storefront owner had seen nothing and was still in shock after opening the doors this morning. Apparently Madam Sophia had been killed the evening before.

Julie was dumbfounded, having seen the Madam earlier last night. She had a monthly appointment and loved the idea of having her future displayed before her in the colorful cards. Julie tried to remember if anything was off or different that night, if anyone was lurking on the street outside, but her mind could barely register that Sophia was killed. Probably the police would question her if they found Sophia’s appointment book.

Then Julie began to worry…what if they thought she was the guilty person, if she had something to do with it? She was not a capricious person, but the mere fact she visited a psychic would probably dispute that fact. She hunkered down into her bathrobe and sipped her coffee. It was just as she was beginning to calm when there was a loud knock on her door. “Miss Julie Smith? Police, open the door please!”

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