dVerse Poetics

I want you to pick an element and write a poem inspired by it. Think about what it means to you. Earth is dark and dirty, yes, but it’s the element that everything from daisies to sequoias springs from. Air is a gentle breeze and the hurricane that destroys. Fire is comforting on a winter night, but we’ve seen the horror of forest fires. Water makes up 70% of our bodies, it’s essential to life – and yet we pollute it as if it’s an infinite resource.


Thiago Sanchez – Unsplash

No life sustains without this element

In each form, a primary ornament

To clean, drink, live in or play, it’s conceded

Cool or warm, salted or clear, water is needed

Polluting this essential must be ceded

Warnings of dangerous droughts should be heeded

Conservation of this resource needs pleading

We need to be cautious and be unimpeded.




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