What Day is it Anyway?

Well not a very pleasant one. I was elated last week to find in a yearly checkup that I had lost quite a bit of weight and my blood pressure would make a teenager jealous😂. However, blood tests came back saying all my dietary changes did not touch my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I’m reluctantly picking up a script for a Med today.

One of my sisters and I inherited this condition from our mom. Even though mom dieted and kept active she couldn’t beat it, costing her life with a heart attack. That was 46 years ago so hopefully the meds are better now. I detest going on meds for anything and have done well without them but now if I’m to remain **immortal as my kids and grandkids say, I don’t have a choice.

**I have actually died twice in anaphylactic shock and my heart stopped for a while. Let’s not do that again🙄😂

So how is your day going? I hope you’re doing something fun.



10 thoughts on “What Day is it Anyway?

  1. We can’t outrun our DNA. I feel your pain about meds, but with heart disease in our family, I’m also doing what I can to maximize my chances for a longer life. Knock on wood, at 60, still no heart attack. The previous family members started having them in their 40s. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for asking! My day is going well and hubby and I are headed out to the house of a cousin who just moved here. He and his family are serving us… steak. For which I now feel a ‘lil guilty, because my cholesterol might not rival a marathoner’s. I’m sad you have an inherited condition and totally get hating to be on meds. Same here! Sending good juju…

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