Throwback Thursday

This week’s prompt is: Learning New Skills

You can either free write using these questions as inspiration or answer the question as they are. If you prefer you can pick and choose the questions that apply to you. Have fun.

1. When did you learn to ride a bike? Were you self-taught or did someone teach you? Any major injuries on the way? Did you master the skill? Do you still ride? If applicable, did you teach your kids?

2. Did you learn to play a musical instrument? At what age? Who taught you? How often did you practice?   Were you in band at school? How good were you? Do you still play? If applicable, did you encourage your kids to play?

3. Did you sing in a choir in church or at school? At what age? How often did you practice? Did you enjoy it? How good were you? Do you still sing with others?

4. Did you have formal instructions on speaking a second language? Were you fortunate enough to be raised in a house with two or more languages? Did you learn a second language in school? Are you fluent in more than one language?

5. Did you to play on a sports team or learn martial arts? At what age did you start? Did a parent become a coach? Did you practice at home? Do you still play sports? If applicable, did you encourage your children to play on a team?

6. Did you ever take dance, tap, ballet, baton, cheerleading, etc. lessons? When did you start? How long did you take lessons? Did you practice on your own in addition to the lessons? How skilled did you become? Did you encourage your children to do the same?

7. Did you learn to roller skate or ice skate? Did someone teach you or did you take lessons? At what age did you learn? Did you become skilled quickly? Can you still skate? Did you teach your children.


1. I received a bike for my 13th birthday and I was scared to try it, ending up with embedded coal in my knee that’s still there. I was petrified to ride on a road with cars and I never enjoyed the experience at all. Our kids all ride bikes well and the boys had motorcycles.

2. I took piano lessons and played the organ we had at home. My kids all play instruments.

3. I am not a singer but was in the chorus in high school.

4. No but I wish I had learned Spanish because of living in TX and CO.

5. This question makes me laugh because like the bike I have no athletic ability. Even in gym my first time as the softball pitcher I was hit directly in the face after the batter hit the ball. I never learned though and tried most everything just to fail.

6. No but I had a boyfriend who was a good dancer and we used to make up routines for contests. It was fun and helped my confidence.

7. I ice skated well as a kid and roller skated a bit when taking my kids to the rink. Ice skating was great fun on our large farm property on a pond my dad built and on brooks frozen over that weaved along.



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  1. I’m envious – in high school I always wanted a boyfriend who could dance! Boys at that age usually despised dancing. I tried ice skating but never could master it. My children were good skaters, though.

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