Throwback Thursday


Until I was fifteen I lived on a dairy farm and I “hung out” outdoors in all types of weather, or in the hay barn or milking area with the cows. The acres of varied land was a huge playground. I’ve written a few times about all the things I was able to enjoy.

When I entered high school I was driven there and back by my dad who worked at the machine shop, and I arrived at school very early and then had to hang out after to be driven home when he got off work. Most of the time I did my homework at these times but a treat I loved was going to the local drugstore soda fountain for a coke and probably French fries😂. It was on my way through town down to the machine shop parking lot where I stayed in the car til dad came to drive home. It was fun at the fountain with a friend and we liked trying cokes with added flavorings; there was even one where the guy put in all the flavors, named “the graveyard”.

I wasn’t allowed to date but when I could get together it usually involved candlepin bowling at the town alley and later on I was allowed to go to the Friday night dance held by the firemen in town.

Sometimes I visited my mom who was also working in town at a laundry/dry cleaners. That was really hard work doing hospital sheets, towels, etc on a huge mangle machine.

I remember eating out maybe once a week at the town diner then but until we moved to town we didn’t eat “out”. My parents always knew where I was and I didn’t dare upset the apple cart. I did once when a senior and it didn’t end well.

After high school when working at the Army lab, I lived away from home. After work nurses, secretaries and other women friends would hang out watching the GIs play ball, party at their residences, barbecues at their camp, or visit the college town. There were stores—my favorite was a stationary. I was fascinated by all the different products, especially unusual papers and cards.

Now my hangout time is plentiful since I’m “retired” and I don’t get around much since I always have to ask someone to drive me. Most of my hangout time is with family.



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  1. I miss a good drugstore soda fountain. In the town about 40 miles from us, Woolworth had a great soda fountain where all the local business people came to eat lunch. Our small town had a small drug store and a small soda fountain where I developed a love of Vanilla Pepsi!

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  2. Thanks for joining in. I enjoyed reading about a very different lifestyle from mine. As a teen we would add all the flavors of soda and call it a “suicide,” It never tasted good. LOL I can imagine it would have been fun checking out the GIs.
    I shared an interest you did. When I was young, actually now still, I loved stationary and card shops.

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